Guys, Any ideas for first dates or any dates in general?

I've never gone on a date before so I am curious


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  • You're asking HIM out?

    • No it's just for the future

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    • So you're asking what kind of cool things would a cool girl do on a date? Shit, I've had a lot of first dates and, heh - couldn't tell ya. I mean, other than dress nicely and it's good to be made up and pretty. You need to figure out the convo... he may start talking more than you, in that case be a good listener. If he's shy and doesn't talk a lot - then you have to kind of be a bit of a chatterbox and put him at ease.

      As far as sex? Well, girls have done it with me on the first date - quite a few but, I really think you should hold off on that. A kiss at the door at the end is smashing! Taking his hand as you're walking is really cool.

    • @alfonsosloan45 I think you're reading too much into my comment. You need to chill - go back to masturbating.

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  • You can always start out with just a movie and a dinner somewhere! Might be cliche, but nothing wrong with cliche at first. Do adventerous, spontaneous stuff later!

    Some other ideas:
    - Go to a museum
    - Outdoor stuff is always great!!! Hiking is an awesome date!
    - Do something kinda competetive: bowling, sports, etc.
    - Concerts

    Really for dates, rule of thumb is, OH WAIT there isn't one! Just anything random!

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