She's busy. Interested or not?

We don't live near eachother, it's fine to meet up at weekends. it's a bit to much during the week. Since we've got to known eachother & she asked "we totally have to meet" we have met 3 times. the 2nd and 3rd time when i was asking she both times was busy (told me why, 2nd time she said "but next weekend i could"). now.. i'm asking her, she says "yes, i'd really like to" but she is busy..

So, she does not want not to see me (i saw how many guys she declined..), but i kinda feel like she doesn't wanna see me whenever i ask her out? Then again, i had that feeling before she said yes the 3rd time also? Am i worrying to much? Besides making plans (which she told me she's horrible at), she acts like she likes me.


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  • Next time, just ask her something like "When are you free?" If she gives you a day, choose a time and set a date. If she's non-committal, tell her to call you when she figures out her schedule, then get off the phone. If she doesn't give you a day that she can go on a date, or if she doesn't keep the date, delete her phone number and move on.