Should I be worried about these signs?

So i went on a good date yesterday with a girl i met on tinder there wasn't many if any awkward moments we got along really well and had a lot in common but there have been a few things since then that have got me worrying.

First of all when i asked if she wanted to go on another date she said she would after her exams in a few weeks as she needs to study, now i'm not sure if this is good or bad if she was interested in me back would she have made time during the next few weeks?

Second, we have started messaging each other on Facebook the problem here is she takes a while to respond making me think i'm not really worth responding too until she has nothing better to do.

And last i checked tinder and seen she was online not too long ago, meaning she could be getting more matches or talking to other guys.

I am very interested in this girl so i could be over thinking all of this and making a big deal out of it, so i would like some opinions on this, should i just calm down and relax or is this stuff i really should be worrying about?


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  • Well, she didn't say no to a second date outright, so that's a good sign.

    Not everyone lives with their phone in their hand (or on the computer or whatever) so taking a little while to respond isn't unusual in and of itself. Especially as she told you that she needs to be studying for the next few weeks.

    Lastly, until you two have had a conversation defining the relationship between you, you are both free to continue speaking to other people.


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