Guys, I have been seeing a guy for a month. I got needy, he withdrew but he still is willing to hang out with me should I apologize for my neediness?

I met the guy of my dreams. He's everything I look for in a man but I haven't had much dating experience. I gave him a hard time and tried asking him to call me and messaged him constantly. After that he told me that he's not the type that can message and call everyday and so I backed off and tried to be adult. We are meeting in a week for drinks. I still want to pursue a relationship with him. And I hope I can hang out with him after we hang out this week. Other websites said I should give him space, reclaim my own identity and be confident. Should I apologize for being needy when I see him or just create a happy environment. How can I keep the ball rolling after this hang out?


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  • You can apologize if you want. I think you should just hang out and have fun with him. Enjoy the time spent with him. I agree guys like their space and most guys don't like to text or call a lot. When you hang out with him don't ask him hard and tough questions.

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