Did he like me?

I went out with a guy and later he asked me if I liked him. When I told him yes, he told me he thought i was very sweet and kind but couldn't have a relationship with me because of his religion. Now I feel stupid. He picked me up, we got coffee, he paid, was it not a date?

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This was all in the space of a few days


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  • In the Beginning of this Beguine, he may have "Liked me," but after the cream and sugar sweet talk that he gave you and you put in his own Joe, this schmo is making lame duck excuses Now... He grew cold duck feet.
    Yes, a "Date" but as I sit here on my own end, Not a "Mate."
    Good luck. xx

    • Why the cold feet? Was the religion just an excuse?

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    • That's true... I dont know I'd work with someone religious like that anyway (hes pretty devout...) Just wish he didn't write me off so fast.

    • He may have had a sudden change of heart. This happens where he thought it best at one point and then, just decided against it.. However, he may too as I say just thought the coffee was going and flowing too fast at the moment. xx

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  • I'm sure he likes you as a person. It's just that his personal preferences is getting in the way of things developing into more. For some folks religion is a big deal and can be enough to prevent them from dating someone. With that said I feel like he should have asked you about this prior if it was such a big deal to him :/

  • It is rather confusing since he directly asked you to your face if you "liked him." I can't imagine someone really bringing that question forward unless they themselves like the person they were asking.

    If it was a date or not... I can't quite say. Friends go out for coffee, too; the check isn't always split. Have you asked him why he introduced the topic in the first place?

    • It came up via I'm. I used wink face, he asked in what context and I was honest about it. I can't figure out if he's just overly nice to everyone or he's just held back by his religion or what is going on and I feel so stupid.

    • instant message* not i'm :P

  • yes he liked you

  • It's a date for sure