What should I do?

He says he loves me but we can't be in a relationship.
We have fun together but it's getting harder because now we are an hour apart.
We message everyday but sometimes it feels one sided.
I feel like i'm putting in all this effort because I want this more.
He had pictures of his ex when they were together, she was his background, all the good parts of them when they were together is what I want.
He told me he loves me but if it was love then wouldn't he try?


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  • You're just a fuck buddy until the woman he wants/is looking for comes along. If you want more then you need to make this known (if you haven't already) and if you have and he has not reciprocated then your vagina won't make him commit to you, so you're wasting your time and ultimately hurting yourself emotionally in the process.

    • He's emotionally invested a bit though, we hang out & don't just have sex.
      Can I make myself not a fuck buddy and see if he disappears? How do I do this?

    • He may only be invested in friendship not anything more than that. That's all friends with benefits is, it's two friends having sex, so you can still technically hang out. Of course you can, you just have to cancel the arrangement. Just tell him you don't want a friends with benefits arrangement any more and that you are looking for something more and see what happens.

      What you have to remember is by being in a friends with benefits situation you are effectively giving the guy all of the perks of being in a relationship without the hassle or the commitment bit. Where is the incentive of him to enter into a relationship with you when you have offered everything on the plate to him before entering a relationship?

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  • Because he doesn't want commitment, it's the hard truth, if he truly did love you and want to be with you he would make it happen. The fact that you guys are an hour apart isn't even bad or as bad as it could be.


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  • Distance can really suck


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