She said im not confident after our date?

Basically I met this girl outside at a mall & I asked for her number and we text each other for a month and we had our first date walking around the shopping mall to do some shopping and we even when for some snacks together and we played a question game along the way and that sums up our first date. Unfortunately after our first date, she rejected me and said im not confident & quite introvert for some reason. After 3 days, She texted me again and said that she can't stop thinking about me for the whole day and she said that she should have said yes. From there we had our 2nd date together and I surprise her with a rose and she hugged me tightly and then we went to catch a movie together. After the movie we went on to have our dinner and we talked for couple of hours. While sending her to the bus stop she told me "Hey, Lets take a selfie together" so that she could show her friends. When we were at the traffic light junction reaching the bus stop, she hugged me tightly again for a couple of seconds and that's basically sums up our second date. The next day I called her and she didn't answered. She texted me again said that I've been trying to hard to change myself and she told me im not confident again for the second time. After some research I found out that a girl wants to hold hand during the date. She also been giving me signal like leaning close to me while walking and touch and hugged me. But at that point of time I don't feel the signal and I was scared to hold her hands. I really wonder what she meant by not confident. I was thinking that if I hold her hand during our second date we could have been together already. I know she likes me but I still can't figure out the confident part.


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  • She doesn't like you...
    Seriously , whats wrong with her?
    People like her, use others emotionally, im sure u dont want that
    Someone who makes u feel like crap and text u when she is bored
    U can do better


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