Girl I went on a date with and Any opinions on the date?

I asked her whats the one thing she couldnt live with out having expeniced in life and she said having kids. I was kinda supressed when she said it 2 me. We went on about it and i said i wasnted a mini me of me and she like Jr Name and i was like ya. On the ride home she said she had a great time and that we should do this again after all she found someone 2 competilte at airhockey. She asked for a hug and got out ofmy car seemed like she had a spring in her step. We went 2 castle fun park and she suggested we go for lunch and she even picked the place. Any opinions on the date?


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  • Looks like it went good. Why are you doubting?

    • Curious on other opinions lol should I want awhile for date 2 ? How long?

    • Oh ok haha. There's no formula for that. You can ask her out again whenever you feel like :)

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