I messed up on the first date?

I believe I messed up on the first date I had with this girl on Friday. We met online show I didn't really expect much from it, expectations where actually low and we were just orginally going for a walk in the park, a simple first date. Anyway, I saw her and right away I was really attracted to her, like she was just more beautiful in person and had such aamazing smile and was very fit. But anyway we went for a walk and she and the end she asked if I wanted dinner, which I happily accepted. She complimented me often too, keep saying that I'm really fit and when talking would give me a stare I'm not used to getting, like she stared deep into my eyes making me uncomfortable almost! I'm a shy guy my regret is I came off as not interested and I think I messed up. There was no dead silence though and I know I wanted to keep talking. But here's where I messed up, I didn't pay... we split the check, because she offered because she ordered food to take out for her grandmother. I just think I may of came of as I'm not interested...


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  • There's nothing wrong about splitting the bill. I'm pretty sure I've dated guys where the bill was split even on the first date. It's no big deal and if that was a deal breaker to her then it's a reflection of her and not of you. Did her actions change towards you now after the date? I'm sure that you can repair things if you coming across as not interested is the issue. You really just fix that by asking her out on a another date.

    • She was confusing and hard to read though as is with a lot of women for me. Like she said she wasn't looking for a relationship really but went out with me and it seemed she showed interest... well do you think? But she said that because she is busy and in the military so if something comes up she doesn't want her boyfriend to leave her like her ex did. I also am in the military we are both reserves.

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    • I did text her afterwards though... didn't ask her out again yet but its still a sign of interest right?

    • Yeah I think so :)

  • Ask her out on a second date and try to show her more interest.

    • Texted her happy Halloween, but problem is I'm also a busy person so I wouldn't be able to till like next weekend since I work on some weekends. Do you think she gave signs of interest and would give it a second chance?

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    • That's wonderful! Have a great time :D

    • Thank you! :)

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