I messed up on the first date?

I believe I messed up on the first date I had with this girl on Friday. We met online show I didn't really expect much from it, expectations where actually low and we were just orginally going for a walk in the park, a simple first date. Anyway, I saw her and right away I was really attracted to her, like she was just more beautiful in person and had such aamazing smile and was very fit. But anyway we went for a walk and she and the end she asked if I wanted dinner, which I happily accepted. She complimented me often too, keep saying that I'm really fit and when talking would give me a stare I'm not used to getting, like she stared deep into my eyes making me uncomfortable almost! I'm a shy guy my regret is I came off as not interested and I think I messed up. There was no dead silence though and I know I wanted to keep talking. But here's where I messed up, I didn't pay... we split the check, because she offered because she ordered food to take out for her grandmother. I just think I may of came of as I'm not interested...

I messed up on the first date?
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