Am I in an unhealthy relationship?

So I've been "dating" this girl for about three months now. We used to work together and have been relatively close for about two years before we were more official. It took so long for me to ask her out really cause she's Muslim and I'm not, and me knowing how their religion views relationships outside of marriage made me kinda hesitant and sceptical, but after getting to know this girl, I took the chance cause of how stunningly beautiful this girl was both physically and most importantly, characteristically. I'm a secret to her parents, she's a secret to one of mine (dads chill, mom... Not so much, and sometimes, can't help but think she's racist and kinda discriminatory). My girlfriend is a college dropout cause she's doing pretty well with her business, making her extremely busy. When I first asked her out, she said she would be willing to be in a relationship with me on the one condition that I won't be able to see her that much. I agreed. As I've said before, we've been dating for three months... Only problem is, I've only been on a date with her twice during that time span. Since we used to work together, we stuck around each other a lot and would have hangouts with coworkers. Once she got enough money and her business started to pick up, felt like I was much closer to her then than I do now. She is so committed to her business that she rarely has time to see me and I feel I can't approach to talk to her about this cause she did warn me when I asked her out. I don't intend to break up with her cause she's such an amazing girl, and I feel she is worth the wait. But is thus unhealthy? Most of our talking to each other is text or occasionally phone. Do you guys have any tips on how I can make our relationship better?


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  • this relationship will end


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