Does he like me or only wants sex?

This guy I'm seeing really like to kiss me. Not just on my lips, more like on my cheeks, forehead, arms, shoulders. He also likes to hold me and he does it a lot. We never had sex. We talk a lot, and i think we can talk about pretty much everything. I told him once that im not ready to "do it" yet and he said he could take things slow if i want.

Does this means he like me as me or he just wants sex?

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  • Sounds like he's just the touchy type. If he isn't pressuring you though, or doesn't seem irritated or dissapointed when you hold off on sex, doesn't seem like the guy that just wants sex. Keep holding off on it though until you think you think this guy is worth it. Not sure how long you've been together, but just do things when you're feeling comfortable.

    • He seemed really okay when i said i think this is going too fast

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    • Haha sounds like you really want sex as well. If you're not the type to just do sex just to have pleasure in the moment, just wait. You'll be so much happier later on. But seems like you doubt you are going too fast, so I definitely recommend holding off. You guys are definitely in the phase in the relationship where physical intimacy seems too good. I think sex is awesome for re-spicing things in the relationship, so just wait till the relationship settles down a little. I'm not sure if I'm just the slow type, but if I was you, I'd wait a few months haha. Sex after 6 days of knowing a guy? Huge red flag.

    • Oh you have no idea how badly i want it!!😢

      Its just i kind of want this to kind of work out. You know not just being "just friends" so i kind of have the urge to slow things down. Im never this type or person im usually that girl who fucks whenever she wants and leave the guy hanging. So i really dk how this thing works.

      But anyway thanks for your advice!

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  • Sounds like he likes you.


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  • He probably really likes you and wants to have sex with you... but likes you enough to wait if you need that time. :)

  • sounds like what i am doing with a certain girl,
    he doesn't want just sex, if he did, he would have stopped going after you

  • He saying the right things. If he isn't pressuring you or trying to get into your pants everytime you make out then he likes you and telling the truth.

    • He doesn't do that. He usually just hold my waist and neck

    • I meant after few time he finally touched my private area but he doesn't do it a lot

  • how do you feel about it? you should learn to trust your instincts.

    • I feel like he really like me for me and not for my body. I just want to know what others thinks

      Cause he came to my house on the third date and he knows that he's going to be meeting my family members

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