I am mean to guys I like/am attracted? help?

Hi there,

I've come to the realization that I act weird, mean around guys I am really attracted to...
I am not my normal self and not flirty at all...
some interpret it as not interested whereas some get confused...

normally, I am very nice and friendly around guys I don't find attractive, I am not interested into...
those guys happen to fall in love with me, whereas the guys I like, don't. They get scared and thing I am a psycho (I am not a psycho, but I question things, take it too seriously etc.)

so my conclusion is, guys react way better to girls that don't seem too interested into them, don't text them too often, don't question anything, don't get angry etc...

Shall I try to turn this into action with the guys I like?
It's really hard, cause change completely with those...


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  • It's a defense mechanism...

    • that's what I think... do u think i should listen to it? or maybe go for guys i am not that into?

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    • hahah goood... then I can go even further with my cruelties :P

    • bwhahahaha!

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  • Then change it girl! You probably feel weird about them knowing you like them. It's okay if they know!

    • what do you suggest?
      how shall I react?

      there is a guy whom I met few months ago... I didn't get that he was flirty and interested in me, so I acted like his "buddy", till he told me that he was attracted. I told him that I was attracted too, but things got really weird. When he was nice, I criticized him for everything etc, and acted kind of mean around him (but it didn't bother him). eventually, it got too much even for him, and we didn't speak for a while, and I actually changed and tried to be nicer (which I really was). Now, however, he doesn't seem as interested as before? I guess he is a jerk?

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  • lol girls r so funny. you play hard to get because we guys like girls who play hard to get, but guys are also fucking cowards too. guys are huge f-ing pussies, real talk, so though we subconsciously like something we can't have, we'd also be to scared to approach. so playing hard to get is a good way to attract guys, but not a good way to actually get a boyfriend. but thats where natural selection comes in. the guys who actually have the balls to approach a girl are the ones who get laid and pass on their genes. just like only the pretty girls really get asked out. not everyones casa nova, and not everyones a gorgeous princess. Who has the better end of the stick? probably guys, cause at least we are in control, girls are pretty much stuck with the looks they have. thats why make-up is so HUGE with girls, without it, most women would be screwed

    • you are misreading it... I am not playing hard to get. It is a subconscious process in my case. I have been accused of playing hard to get, but that wasn't my intention at all...

      well this appears probably for younger people. once you reach a specific age, loos is not the only criteria. I look fairly good, but I was into guys who werent classic beauties. howeever, they personality caught me!

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    • i dont agree with you (we could argue about that for ages). There is a difference if someone is playing hard to get intentionally and if someone is acting in a "defensive" subconsciously...

      thank you for these tips, but to be honest, I am too "old" for these games. maybe if I was 17, 18 I would do that. I've reached a point where I don0t care anymore... if a guy doesn't like the way I am (with all the flaws) then I prefer to be single. A love life which includes playing games is nothing for me... i know, I asked this question, but I dont want to play hard to get. I guess I will end up with a nice guy who I am not really interested into, but that guy will treat me nicely and not play games as supposed to the hot and confident guys...
      yes, I will get a shuy ugly guy hahaha (with money possibly lol) - this sounds cruel :/

    • *as opposed..

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