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Ok so there is this guy at my church who I am interested in and we haven't really spoken just a smile, a quick hello and bye but I catch looking at me frequently and I of course look back and smile at him. I've been meaning to have a conversation with him but last Sunday at church I barley saw him. So my question is is it too soon to add him on Facebook when we barley speak? I mean he knows who I am. I also forgot to mention there is a lanuage barrier, he speaks Spanish and very little English and with me its reversed. I have been working on my Spanish though. I guess maybe thats what keeps him and me from speaking but it shouldn't right? Will I be creepy if I were to add him on Facebook?

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  • I think it would be good to add him on Facebook. Talking online initially might help to circumvent any possible language barrier. You only live once... don't live in regret of not taking action.

    • @fordearlife85 thanks that really brought up my confidence :)

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  • Practice on your Spanish and when you feel ready try talking to him. You haven't really spoken to him so don't add him on Facebook yet until you have had a couple conversation. Keep practicing on your Spanish and speak out loud every time you are practicing. It will help a lot.


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  • What's the worst that could happen? He may not accept the request. Then you have your answer. The Facebook friend request today is the equivalent of the note that says "Do you like me? Circle YES or NO" - Nor harm, no foul in adding him. Good luck!


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