Girl randomly showing me texts from other guys, Does she like? trying to get me jealous? HELP?

ok this cute girl in my class hasn't been in class for like 6 classes at my college due to family issues, now when she came in she asked me " did you miss me" and stuff and then later on in class she randomly showed me her new phone effeect on her iphone 6 she got and then later on again randomly showing me a text message from a guy who has been BLOWING up her phone like the dude trolls out like 9 messsges and then she reposnse a few times but basically she just randomly showed me this was she tryna get me jealous? a girl in the past has done this to me who i liked an sat next to me in class i didn't catch on the first time. now we made plans to go get food together and she was saying that she was excited to get wendys an stuff in classs lol and after class she showed me where her car was an then i was gonna drive to where she was casue she was gonna follow me, and she like wanted me to put her hoodie on her an stuff but anyways now i get to my car she calls me saying she has to pick her neice up which is true she helps her sister who just recently had the baby which is why she wasn't in class and she said she would text me or something like that when she on her way back but anyways does she like me? does she want me to ask her out or something?


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  • No, she is simply trying to get you to like her in order to use you as a confidence boost.

    • dam that sucks is that why she always flirts with me? she gives me a nickname ask me if i miss her always touching me and turning around in her seat to look at me.

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