Guys, what to do when your boyfriend says he loves you when drunk?

So I'm not the type of girl who likes to just jump into any relationship. I would much rather be single and find someone worth my time than be in a relationship just to be in one. And so when I do date, I take it seriously. That being said, I met this guy who really went above and beyond to pursue me and fast forward we've been dating 3 months. He's so different from anyone I've ever dated before, in the best way possible. He's basically everything I've been looking for in a guy and just popped into my life so randomly. I can tell by his actions he really does care about me. I never feel uneasy or nervous or worry. The little things he does, the way he rolls over and asks to just hold me for a bit longer, his random kisses and affection; sometimes he drives all the way back from work in the morning just to give me a couple more kisses and tuck me back in when I stay the night (he leaves two hours earlier than me for work).
I know we haven't been dating long, but I can tell this is a good one. And I know guys put more into actions than words, which I get. Here's the thing, though. A month ago, he got super drunk one night and we were giving each other shit. I was sober, and he suddenly blurted "it's not my fault I love you" I didn't know if he was just super drunk, or really meant it. So I smiled and just hugged him and kept on with what we were teasing each other about. Fast forward to last week when we were on the phone figuring something out. Usually he says miss you and goodnight. He was in a hurry to make another call and said "okay, miss you, I love you, goodnight." It happened so fast I could barely respond and I said it back.
Is this a normal way for a guy to say I love you? Did I handle it okay?


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  • Some people say the truth comes out when you're drunk... however.. inhibitions also go away... how many guys tell their buddies "I love you man!" when they are drunk? Not the same... but I guarantee they wouldn't even joke with that if sober. I wouldn't read too much into it.