Girlfriend is still attached to ex's family and can't let go?

girlfriend and I have been dating for close to 6 months. Been through a lot, her mothers death and other family issues, but I've been there to console her and give feedback opinions through it all. She hinted that one of her friends asked her to be a bridesmaid and I said that's cool. But later on she said it was her ex's sister. They became good friends while they dated. Problem is they dated for 2 years and broke up 3 years ago. Since then, she's been a bridesmaid in her ex's mothers 2nd marriage... in Germany. A photographer in one of his other sisters weddings, and now a bridesmaid again. She said she though long and hard and asked opinions and decided to go through with it, but she never asked me what I thought about it.

After her decision, I told her I was uncomfortable with her being so close to an ex's family, even though that's her past and i wouldn't try and control that. Not only that, but I said I wanted to go further intimacy wise and she said "well that's unfortunate". Basically disregarded any of my feelings when saying that, yet I've been there during her mothers death and constant family issues and bitching about this and that. She listens to my opinions but doesn't want to step on anyone's toes... yet when it comes to me. She can tell me to screw off with the snap of her fingers. How the hell do I approach this?


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  • he is probably still not over of her girlfriend


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