What does it mean?

So there's this guy I have a crush on and recently i asked a question on whether he liked me back or not, and I just have a question.

what does it mean when I asked gabe a question he looked at me with these big full blue eyes that where like this lightish darkish color and him staring at me like that when I asked him that question made me feel kinda like I had butterflies in my stomach

also this morning when he walked really close to me, I followed him with my eyes and my friend Kylee was like ,"Ohh I see you I see you" and she said that when Gabe walked past me she could feel the tension it was like sexual tension, but also awkwardness, that kinda awkwardness where its like he likes me and I like him and no one wants to say anything, that kind where its like I want to talk to you but im not going too. what does that meann?

please help with these two questions


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  • I think he likes you. But is shy

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