Should I just give up on this guy? Or do I need to try harder? I don't want to come off as obsessive or clingy?

We go to the same college; I introduced myself to him first; he asked me to coffee at his place like right after. It wasn't ever like I flirted with him.. I just said he seemed cool and I'd like to get to know him. So he was like we should have coffee!

on Wednesday we met for 2 hours. It went well & he was very talkative and engaging and wanted to know more about me. We were compatible, but it was as friends (I sensed a little flirting.. He teased me a few times but I don't know if it's just his personality). He said next time we hang out I should show him the music I'm into (since he showed me his favorites), and that he wants to know more about me. He held doors open for me, when we walked to different areas, he said he would walk me to my room but since we live in the same building that may be a bit much and smiled.. I mean, it seemed like there was more than just friend-like gestures going on. But I don't know anymore.

Its now Monday. No word from him.. I know he will be going out of state this week and had a busy weekend with school work to make up for it. I'm just wondering if he hasn't contacted me if it is bad news. Again, it wasn't a date.. It was a get to know each other.. So i feel like normal dating rules don't apply here? Maybe I'm wrong? Do I give up?


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  • i would wait. i know once it took my crush a week to actually talk to me again.
    just be patient
    and he said he would contact you so just truse him.
    hope this helps

  • There's nothing wrong or clingy about sending him a text asking how he's doing or wishing him a good trip!