Im not motivated to do anything?

Im just at the end of my rope! Im tired! i hate my life. i lterally do. I can't make decisions, im hopeless, life doesn't taste anything to me anymore. I dont know why i feel like this. Im supposed to move out but i dont feel any motivation to live on my own in my hometown, but my fam and friends are here but i feel its a dreamkiller this town. I feel so agitated, im 23 and just stuck. Please help. I dont even feel like working anymore, i worked 6 jobs in two years WHILE attending school, i just feel like life doesn't excite me anymore.


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  • You're just tired from working while at the same time attending school. That is definitely tiring, it'll bring you down to the point like what you're doing has no point thus losing your short term motivation. When you see that you're not achieving your current goals the motivation loses and as well as your sight for long term motivation..

    The thing about life is sometimes you're at low at unknown period of time but when you goes back up again it's lovely. You just need to find the right condition to get back at it again. You need something to loosen your life up, to take off the strain and feel light and free. Motivation comes and go. I hope you find yours soon.


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  • Sounds like you need to get out for a while and establish life somewhere new, even if it's just temporary. Go exploring or something.

    • where too? i have family and friends here i can just leave, and im going to school and im basically a broke student

    • i mean i can't

    • Ah, I assumed from your question that you were done with school. You could always save a bit and plan a trip out with friends or something. Keep an eye out for special events and things to go to.

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  • Take a trip to Canada, it's always a pleasant vacation there.

    Maybe try some yoga too, very effective stress relief. :D.

    • lol. Canada would be even more depressing. too cold/not enough sunlight.

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    • @thewanderingme
      Forgive me, my manners are strictly for the table.
      I've no control over what comes out towards distant strangers ;P

      Drunk idiots ARE fun ! Just observe.
      Almost better than a paid ticket to most of these 'new' movies.

    • they're fun to watch and ridicule at 21, not 32.

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  • I feel you! I feel you. I don't know what to do since i am in a rut as well. Lets just hope we snap out of it.

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