Should I tell my bf? I made a big purchase?

I make more money than him, dont live together. together over a year. pretty serious.
He buys me little things here and there.

x'mas is coming, I often treat myself to little things.

So i bought myself a $2k bag... should I tell him?

guys would you feel bad, would you have rather you buy me a bag (but a cheaper version bag... i probably won't want it because there is only a few top brand name i carry)
he has mentioned he wants to buy me bags and shoes, but the stuff i like he can't afford, so i am buying it myself.

dont bash me for wanting to treat myself.


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  • Since it is your money and not married I don't see it as necessary to bother telling him. At least you can buy yourself nice things like that and don't expect him to go all out like that when you make more. I need to find someone like you for a change😊

    • i may sound arragon, but most women (people) are not like me. i sometimes worry men (he) stays with me for my money. i don't think i have much... but to many, i have a lot. (I earned all these by myself)
      i don't have to worry about my retirement or my childrens future. there's more than enough for us. but my life doest end, there are higher goals to reach. and to raise my children to aim for higher...

      He will ask me and the brand i got is very obvious that its expensive and well known. he knows a bit about fashion because of his ex.

      sadly... i do think he would feel bad, i don't know what would make him feel okay. i already own another expenvise bag before i met him, i just try not to use it in front of him.

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  • ...2K on a bag? Fuck me sideways that's ridiculous.

    If you paid for it you don't have to tell him if you don't want to. It is your money, your life, your decision.

    • thank you

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    • you have a kind heart. :)
      i do that too dear.
      i only like a certain brand

    • To each their own, right?

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  • You needn't tell him. It's your money and you can buy your own bling. Once you're married or living together and sharing resources his expectations may change. Be sure he understands you'll control your own money if that's the way you will want it.

    • i would like to keep it that way, since i am more financially responsible (you may not think so with this purchase lol)... i have no debts and own a house.

      he has nothing... i feel bad about this sometimes.

  • Dont tell him. This would could be a reason to break up for him.

  • if you make money, then go ahead and treat yourself. If you start expecting him to buy you expensive things, then you're a bad person.

    • never lol... i am frugal in all other areas and i have no debt... his ex. use to ask him to buy her stuff while having sex with him. he spent all his savings and trust fund on her... i get jealous but i sometimes wonder why i am with him who did not make good financial decisions... i am very wary of dealing with expenses with him.

    • If you're happy with him currently, I don't think you should break up because he made bad financial decisions in the past. If he has corrected his ways, and has his life on track, you should probably stay with him.

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  • I think if you can afford it and it's your money go for it. I do the exact same shit.

  • I am the type of girl I appreciate gifts. But I am also independent that I like buying myself things that make me happy if you work hard I think you should be able to buy yourself anything you want.

  • I don't really think you really have to inform him on your purchases. Your money. You decide where it goes.

    • i feel a bit uncomfortable how to say anything... since we talk about a lot of stuff...

  • It's your money so it's your choice of what to do with it. If you were living together and sharing your income, it'd be different.

    • i don't think thats going to happened. i am a saver. and have more moeny than him... i sometimes wonder if he stays with me for my moeny lol...