He's a good guy, we've been in an almost relationship before, but what does he want now that we are older?

So this guy. Who's been a total jerk to me before, but we have had places in our friendship where it almost turned into a relationship. (We would text each other 24/7, say that we miss each other, etc). It came close, but never really happened. He got a girlfriend, fucked her over and left. He was a jerk. It happened again, we were almost there, but not really THERE. After that I cut him off. I had enough. But he did the same to me. Before this year, the last text he sent me was "dont talk to me. I dont want to talk to you again."

It was harsh. And now, after we became really, really good friends. Ugh. He is starting something. This year is the first that I've actually met his family, gone to his house, we watched movies and baked cookies, drove around. Now this "hanging out" thing has been going on a while. And everytime I go it gets more intimate (but not in that way). And everytime I go back home, there is always a text when I get there saying "wow, I really enjoyed hanging out tonight, I should have kissed you but Im really shy."

Why is it that everytime he says he wants to kiss me, but never does? (We never have before.) I am afraid he will not be as into me, after he kisses me. Most boys I've delt with kiss you, just to say they have and leave.

All my friends say once a jerk, always a jerk. And now he is just so sweet, and I can be myself around him, and I feel safe. (I know cheesy, but its true!)

I've talked to friends, and they said he won't want a relationship after this. And of course I dont want one either... or do I? My feelings for him are fucked. I had this thing for a guy in the summer, and he's a 10/10, and a douche. While this guy here is a 6/10 but a sweetheart - but also was once a douche too.

What do I do. Should I make the move? Is it okay for a girl to make the first move? What is he thinking? Does he actually like me like that? (Well he has told me he has.. so idk) Is it true: once a jerk, always a jerk? Will this ruin our friendship? Is it gonna be a kiss and diss thing?



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  • Maybe he wants to give a relationship a try

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