Why are people jealous of pretty women?

Men and women can't seem to stand women who are beautiful (not average but really beautiful like model pretty) they get mad for them getting by in life with their looks. Im a model and im sick and tired of women also my sister critizing me for hanging out with men and enjoying that they want to spend their money on me. I ADMIT my life is easy i get away with a lot just because of the way i look especially in jobs. But i use that attention to achieve my dreams, whats wrong with that? If a man wants to finance me JUST because im pretty why not allow it? Im not lazy i worked all my life, 6 jobs next to school and im TIRED of doing sucky jobs, i DONT WANT to anymore, i want to do what i want. And my sister also gets jealous of it and refuses to speak to me sometimes


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  • Not jealous, but I don't respect someone that goes around life exploiting their looks and believing they're better than the rest, when they're like that because of genes, not because they have certain qualities.
    Many of these models aren't humble and have a superiority mentality, that's why many people dislike them.
    When people struggle to get food in their mouth, and you come with "My life is easy because I'm beautiful" well, that generates hate, cause you've done nothing to earn that, while other's work dozens of hours a week just so they can eat.

    • ^^^this. I'm so glad I read the description on this one.

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    • I'm not saying "don't flaunt it", but many of those hot girls believe because they're hot they're better than the rest. And acting like you're better than the rest because of something you didn't have control of shows a lot of ignorance and immaturity.
      I wasn't directing this to you, but to attractive people in general, even towards men.
      I'm not gonna hate on a woman because she's pretty, I've met beautiful women that were humble and I didn't hate them, but I will dislike a woman that acts like I described above.

    • Completely agree.

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  • Because they wish to be pretty themselves.


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  • I'll admit, I can't say you, we never met. But 98% of pretty women are total birches. Shallow, self centered. They won't give average guys a chance. I never approach them. They just are not good people


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  • Eh I'm not jealous.

  • I got nothing to be angry or annoyed about 😏👌🏼 ..