How do I talk to this girl?

Like, okay, I always fuck up with women, always, in fact, it always starts with me getting paranoid like this too. I wanna send her a fb message, how do I not completely fuck it up as a loser?


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  • Honestly, in my experience FB is not the way to initiate a girl. Face to face is better. If you insist I would just be normal... say Hi, ask her how she is, have a conversation.

    • Well, I mean, I go to an all guys school, that's not really possible without stalking, lol. We met once, at a party last week, and, since I'm out of options in regards to women, figured I'd give it a shot

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    • ... Tofu? What does that have to do with anything?

      You know what? Your attitude is really shitty and petty. So, figure it out yourself. If you're going to be rude, I'm not going to help you.

    • Lol, it was a joke, chill out, lady

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  • Gotta believe in yourself, and be OK with the fact that the worst that can happen is she isn't interested (which isn't a big deal, just means move on to the next one).
    So with nothing to lose, figure out what would be a natural, easy way to start a conversation with her?
    Is she in any of your classes?
    Do you have any sort of connection with her, like does she eat lunch with the group of people you eat lunch with? Does she like any of the bands or sports teams you like?

    • I go to an all boys school, and, I need to do this in a way that, even if she rejects me, we're still friends, cuz, then I can meet other girls. Also, I just met her last week and have t spoken since. Also, what should I say?

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    • Shitty party

    • Did you have a shitty conversation with her at the shitty party? :-P

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  • Half the time I ignore strangers' msgs on Facebook.

    Try to talk to her in person.

    • Oh, I mean, we met at at a party, like, last week. Honestly, who the fuck just messages random fucking people?

    • Lmao

      Then message her bro

    • Though if you had her number it would have been better

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