Why did he do this?

So I sent my ex boyfriend a friend request on Facebook and he messaged me asking if I still like him and I said yes then on he went to explain how he still liked me and he regrets breaking up with me and how he tried to get over me but says he can't. And he also said he hoped we could be friends so we both agreed on that even tho I wanted to be more than friends of course but later on I found out he denied my friend request and I have no idea why? And it's just a crazy coincidence because he's started riding my bus after he messaged me that and we've been running into each other lately. Opinions and advice ASAP? I'm so confused...


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  • Just ask him. Make it a little accusatory. It should make it easier.

    • I'm just afraid if I do that it'll just make things weird

    • Weird how? It's the most natural in the world to ask in these circumstances. You should be pretty upset at him, really.

    • Yeah. I might have to do that. Thank you, I just thought after all he said he'd at LEAST accept it. Just doesn't make sense at all.

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  • He is conflicted.

    He is debating whether to let go of his feelings or keep them in.

    • That could be! Thank you.

    • Welcome😊

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  • Maybe he just doesn't want to see the shy you post on fb I don't know man. I denied my cousins request cause his shit pisses me off.

    • Yeah... I don't know either. I just thought it was super weird he did that.

  • Its just fb. Get over it. Grow some balls and talk to him.

    • Yeah I know it's "Just Facebook" I'm just saying I think it's odd he did that after what he said.

    • Not to be a bitch, but if you're so worried about it then you should talk to him. Facebook has no importance in this.

    • Yeah.