Can't Figure This Girl Out?

I'm a guy and me and my best guy friend in college (we are REALLY close - people joke we are gay or twins haha) can't figure this girl out.

My friend likes this girl a LOT. He developed a crush on her instantly when the met about a year ago. Originally, she showed a bit of interest, but then it fell off and she only asked for homework help. She implied she had no interest. The girl took active steps to brush him off and avoid him. Because of class circumstances, etc. both my friend and I have spent a lot of time around this girl recently, and she is acting SO strangely.

First, when she talks to my friend, sometimes she is SUPER friendly and outgoing, other times she just ignores him. When he messages her on FB, she always ignores him, but then jokes with and teases him the next day. On the other hand, she has been all over me recently. Calling me by name, taking pics with me, talking, asking if she could do things, etc.

How to interpret this? When she talks to my friend, she seems so happy to be talking to him, but then ignores him otherwise. I'd like to get them together, but I don't know how to interpret anything.


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  • She is playing with both of you


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