How to help this relationship from a distance?

We were really close seeing each other at uni but now we are an hour apart & I feel a distance forming.

We talk everyday but I feel like I'm making the effort more than him. We have good chats & a good time when we hang out but it's just so much harder now we are further apart.

A lot of our chats & even suggestions to meet up are based on sex. We are very sexual people but I don't want to become JUST sex.

I dont know know how to build & nurture the Non-relationship from a distance & make him make more of an effort towards it?


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  • It's hard because when you are not with someone you're attracted to for a while, sexual tension builds so sex becomes the forefront of the reason you're meeting. Maybe try to definitely do things outside of sex together like walking down a beach and talking together, anything that lets you to bond on a more emotional level rather than sexually

    • But we are apart & it's frustrating because he has friends at home to hang out with & I know no one in the place I live & am so lonely. So he's going to move on with his life & I'll be stuck here

    • Then move on with yours! Don't talk to him so much. :)

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