White girls or death?

As a short above average looking (but then again beauty is subjective where height is not) Asian male, there's nothing more hurtful than seeing other tall Asian men getting white women. Height is undeniably the most important trait of men to white women as it gives off 'I can protect you vibe'. I am jealous of Asian men who are tall enough for shallow hot white women. It doesn't help that I am fully aware if I was just my father's height which is the height I was supposed to be, at least I wouldn't need to worry about being shorter than women. I really couldn't care less about white men being tall and getting white women or any other race of women, but I'm really pissed off when I see Asian men white women couple, especially if the men are tall, ripped and have a masculine face. To me the question was never "How to get a girl?" but rather "How many girls can I get?". The goal is to be some sort of womanizer.
White girls or death?
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