What's your idea of the perfect boy/girlfriend?

You can be vague, detailed, etc. Your choice. For me, the perfect guy would have to have this awesome personality, an amazing sense of humor, laugh a lot (like me lol), treat me as an equal and with respect, good-looking (hehe?), kind, patient, sarcastic, sassy, and not afraid to point out that yes, I'm his girlfriend.

Hahahaha. How about you?


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  • Hmm I would say our definitions of the perfect partner are kinda similar.
    I'd like him to be active for sure, so we could do crazy stuff together or just go for a run in the park here and then. He shouldn't be scared of heights or flying as I love traveling, discovering new places and doing extreme sports like rope jumping.
    It would be cool if he knew how to cook really well so he could teach me and cook delicious dinner for me here and then :D
    He should be affectionate of course and it would be great if he would show me that he's glad to have me here and then!
    He should also be cultivated and intellectual so that we could visit art museums together and discuss philosophical topics as well as our favourite books! :) If I ever find someone with all those qualities I'll be very sure to not let them go anymore! 😜


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  • The one I already have.

  • someone who's funny, but can be serious during the right times. someone calm (doesn't get mad at every little thing), understanding, who loves me for who i am and not only cause he thinks i'm pretty.
    a guy who's tall and has a nice smile! and has good hygiene xD

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