[GaGs] Women MIXED Signals?

I bet we have multiple experiences in our life, that women are just meant to be uncertain aka playing mind games so to speak. Let's say you have a great interaction with this girl, she submitted to you (being playful, you can see through her eyes, reactions that she likes you) f2f's interaction, she gave you her number. And two days later, she gave you the, ''oh... im sorry, im not free'' kind of excuse.

We proceed to 2nd example, I have met this girl on9, and we promised to have a voice chat to get to know each other on 2 days later, i can sense her enthusiasm when she agreed on voice recording. Two days went by, and she said, ''oh... i forgot, i just back home, and having a dinner.'' . Me: ''I thought we promised to have it on 9pm?''

To be honest, I don't drink; don't smoke. But I would have tendency to jerk off... small things like this don't go along. I try to maintain my emotional strength by not breaking my lappie's screen right now.


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  • I met this girl at work. one day she got my phone # texted me by "accident". we hit off October flirting all that. one day she came to my house. we smoked some weed. then I got next to her and started kissing her. then things started getting heavy I took her bra off and started sucking on her tits. I was going to eat her out but then she had to leave cause she had a kid. after that she started getting more distant. she ignors me at work and throws attitudes. give her space is all I could say and keep smiling.

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