I'm not sure about what I should do?

I got chatting on the phone and by text with a guy from a dating site and we hit it off instantly !! We was suppose to meet but he couldn't make it because of car problems which was fine. But he suddenly went silent on me days after :/ we didn't text or call for a week so I deleted his number and moved on. I saw his profile on the dating site and I thought to myself I really miss you :( there was a connection. Day after I get a tex from him asking how my week has been? I replied then he called my phone and we chatted like nothing had happened :/ I'm confused , but I do like him , do I give him another chance? Do I move on?


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  • Give him another chance. He might have been involved in some serious problems.

    • We chatted for ages on the phone today but I'm so confused by him :/ he said he would messaged me tonight I haven't heard from him I don't know what I should do? He wants to meet me Saturday is he playing games? Do I message him and as him what does he want?

    • @Asker wait for him to message you. No i would suggest you don't message him. Let him do it. If he doesn't, move on.

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  • move on! If you didn't across his profile, he wouldn't think of you. Sorry hun but I can tell that he doesn't care. It happenes to me when I used online dating. They dont give a f***.

    • No I never clicked on his profile I saw it on there

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    • Yeah I feel like I can't find a nice guy in my age! I think most of guys who use online dating are players! I met many guys and they were all the same. We should try a new method lol. Please move on. your guy seems just like other douches that want to have fun with girls just when they have time. I bet you are a pretty girl with amazing personality and you deserve a man that cares about you.

    • also keep me updated if you want to!

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  • I wouldn't mention it. Just go for it and give it another chance. If he flakes on you again then it's time to move on.

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