Girls, what do you like as a gift?

My girlfriend birthday is tomorrow and I don't know what to get her lol. What do you girls like as a gift?


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  • every girl is different... YOU should be able to know what are the things she likes

    • i was thinking maybe a spa day for her? then at night i would take her for dinner

    • a dinner together sounds like a nice idea... go for it

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  • I like jewellery (like Pandora because it has sentimental meaning), time at the spa, homemade dinner from my man, flowers, chocolate covered fruit

    • i think she has one of those Pandora bracelet things. Do i need to get that "charm" thing? The spa thing sounds good too. I think she might like that.

  • well it depends on the type of girl she is, i being a more tomboyish and not materialistic wouldn't mind a simple card and a piece of chocolate

    • so what type of girl is she? i can try to help to lead you in the right direction

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    • how about a nice evening with her eating pizza, watching a movie of her choice and a spa day is a great idea

    • i guess i can go with that.

  • A good book or video game. A new cozy sweater. Fun socks. Tickets to go somewhere fun.

    • Tickets sounds good. We could go to a football game or something like that

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