Is this guy just using me to have sex, or is he maybe interested in more? Did I make a huge mistake by going to his house for the first hangout?

I was at a concert with friends. One cute guy dancing with us was caught my eye, but I steered clear, dancing with one of my friends the whole night. One of my friends with us was flirting with the cute guys friend all night. After the concert this guy asked us if we wanted to get food, so we all went & while we were walking he put his hand around my back & started hugging me the whole way there & kept hugging me while waiting in line. I was confused at how it happened, but he was super cute & seemed nice, so I let it happen. I was DD & I offered to drive them home-they lived close.
When we got to their house my friend stayed the night with the guy she'd been talking to, to 'watch Finding Nemo'. They got out and the cute guy stayed in car and asked if I wanted to come in to watch the movie. I said I had to get home bc I had to get up early, Id have to raincheck but would have liked to. He tried to convince me and eventually kissed me. We made out & then I had to go. He fbook msg'd the next day asking if I wanted to come over that night to watch a movie. I told him I couldn't, but we decided on a hangout the next week. I wanted to do something on neutral terr. since I didn't want to hook up w/ someone I had only met for 2hrs.. I didn't ask though and went to his house. We then went downstairs to their in house theatre & sat down and talked for a while. Eventually put on movie, but kept talking. He kissed me, lots of compliments, we were lying down eventually, I told him I couldn't have sex that night & he said that was ok. After a while we just layed there and talked, we had a lot of random things in common, he asked about my family/interests and mentioned going hiking together and to a yoga class. Walked me to door at end of night, kissed & said he'd be in touch. It's been 24hrs, haven't heard from him. I shouldn't have gone to his house for the first hangout. Do you think that made me seem easy, and he's just using me for a hook up?


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  • Give it a bit more time. If you don't hear from him within a week I would say all he wanted was to hook up.