Lades, Can you help me prove a point? (Poll)

OK, so me and my friend were having a discussion and we were both trying to prove our own points. I can't tell you which point I'm trying to prove, just answer honestly. Basically the question boils down to this: If you liked two guys and felt the same way about both of them and had to make a choice on which to date (One guy was in-shape, six pack abs and everything. The other was obese and not in the best shape) Which would you date?

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  • In all honesty its a tough one but the guy in shape shows that he likes to look after himself and his health so from that point I'd probably pick him but it does depend on personalities, I wouldn't pick an idiot with a good body over a sweetheart with not the best body :)

    I'm curious to know what your answer was to begin with :P



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  • god that has got to be one of the hardest questions I have read and I honestly can't give you a answer. I mean the obese guy can observably lose some wait but the muscular guy no no I have had a muscular boyfriend and it's like cuddling a sack of potatoes all hard and lumpy, I would rather go for cuddly and soft but not at a obese level.

  • I would probably go with the in shape guy, sorry to say, but I like to be active, and I would like someone who could do the same.

  • Obviously the inshape one with the 6 pack abs. Who would settle for the obese fat one if both of them are equal personality and quality wise? I don't know anyone who would say "Oh both of these men are the same so I'm rollin with the fatty" Don't think so. If you and your friend had to choose between a hot in shape girl and an obese girl (you liked them both the same) I already know what your answer would be

    • Thank you, that's what I was trying to prove

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