Should I make another step or play the waiting game?

So I met this girl online (sidenote: I'm done with online dating). First date was cool, mainly informational. It worked out. Took her out the follwing week to a nice improv show, open bar. It was an ok night, only so because I didn't make any moves which surprised the hell out of me. I suppose I was more nervous than usual.
I sent her home after because it was a long day for the both of us, more her. I figured she was still interested because she invited me out to her crib for a party the next night.

I worked crazy late but still hit her up- no response. She text me the day apologizing, good excuse and all. Says that she knows I was pissed (really hard for me to actually be mad). Lol I was only annoyed because I worked about 80 hours that week and was tired as shit and still had work in the am. I told her "I was irritated, but it was cool" Essentially expressed no harm done, it's all good. (Probably shouldn't have said that *). No response. I hit her up the next day-no repsonse. Yeeaa, I guess this is done. Any advice? Should I hit her a few days later with another date in mind or just leave it?

I swear when it comes to anything casual, I can do and it's relatively easy. The moment I go into the mindset of possibly having something a little more serious, I shoot myself in the foot. Not that I try being a playboy, it's just so. Guess I'm not built for a possible relationship.


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  • Weird how people can do that: Stand you up then end up making you feel guilty

    • You know I've been thinking, maybe she's still dealing with the issue she told me about. I forget that I'm not on everybody's list of high priorities.

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