How can I tell my best friend I like him without ruining our friendship? Or making things awkward?


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  • You don't. Talking about feelings is a boner killer, even if he's into you.

    Instead you should be seducing him. The way to a man's heart is through is feelings. He already enjoys being with you, so that part's done. That's called rapport and that's what friends share.

    What you need to build is attraction. And being a woman puts you in the driver seat... just be flirty, cute, fun, sexy.

    Basically you have to escalate like you would with any other guy you're into.

    If you tease him a little more, in a friendly fun way, and you go way out of your way to touch him more often... and you amp up being girly, and cute, and sprinkle in a little more sexual innuendo, then he's either going to get turned on, or not.

    Give yourself two "dates" with him in order to push his buttons... turn him on a little... and give him all the indicators that it's okay for him to escalate and that you'll be into it.

    I don't necessarily mean you have to sleep with him, although that'll help. I simply mean putting thoughts in his head that he wasn't having before. Sexy fun flirty thoughts.

    If you hug him, touch him, and seduce him, then it's game over for him.

    Talking isn't going to get it done.

    Make sense?


    ~ Robby


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  • Maybe be just joking around in a funny voice say haha your pretty cool! I like you!


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  • There is no way you cannot. There is no such thing as being friends after - some may say so, but I haven't found one ex that I'm still friends with especially with an extensive dating background. Once you decide you want to do it you cannot take it back. Maybe try and get him alone or do a day trip somewhere.


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  • Wow. You've got some tough situation there. Maybe think it through, you know him better. Though I can't guarantee you wouldn't ruin anything. Maybe you should try to see first if he's interested, 'cause if he's not then better just keep it in or like somebody else. Either way, you'd always get hurt.