Guys, Bad luck?

I just don't know what to do anymore. I've been single all my life and recently my best friend got a boyfriend. I feel so off. No guy has ever liked me or asked me out. I'm 18 and haven't had a first anything not even a kiss. Every girl in my sort of social circle has had a boyfriend and I haven't at all.
Some complain because they're single I complain for not being wanted.
I don't consider myself an unatractive person. People don't call me ugly in fact the opposite. My personality has been classified as ideal by my guy friends. I am not picky at all because how can I be when Noone has ever liked me. I don't think I try to hard. So is this just bad luck or should I just give up all together?


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  • U only described ur look... How's ur personality?

    • I get told it's ideal by guys lol I did mention that in the question details.

    • LOL sorry, I miss that part!!

    • Missed*
      anyway... I don't think it's a big deal, it's not like u r 40 or 30 years old, & according to u & ur friends, U r pretty so wht r u so worried about? & U can never know if there is a guy who's just not confident to ask u out!
      the point it get positive, u can't know wht the future hides ;)