Should I be worried?

There has been a guy I've been talking to online and we've gotten romantic.
In the start he'd send me cute messages and snaps and show he really does love me
As of late he has stopped doing those small things, now we just text
And it takes him really long to reply
I thought he met someone new
So I talked to him about it
And there isn't anyone new but I still worry because after that conversation I thought he'd change and show me why I should still love him, but he hasn't changed.
I don't know what to do


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  • a lot of guys are good about the sappy sort of romantic stuff in the beginning but we often slip in our efforts as time goes on in a relationship, especially when we are younger

    I don't think it's a sign that he doesn't like you as much and you shouldn't let that alone be the determining factor. how does he treat you as a person... with love, kindness, respect, care, etc. Those are the true signs of love not just words on a screen...

    now if you feel like he is treating you differently as a whole perhaps his feelings have changed but my guess is he still feels the same for you, he just isn't making the effort of those little gestures (which I know can be important)

    • But I'm a person who appreciates small gestures. It doesn't matter how small it shows me he cares a bit more. And I know he still cares but I don't know if he cares as much

    • i wouldn't assume he cares less. he may just be one of those people (which is more common in guys than girls) who don't really see or understand the necessity or value of those small gestures

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  • Why don't you just talk to him about it?

    • I have talked to him about it numerous of times. And he just appologize and that's it. There's no change the next day nothing

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    • I do give him attention and attraction and all the cutesy things you can imagine. I mean he still talks to me cute but I miss the small things he used to do and he doesn't do them at all.

    • Such as? I mean what do you mean by small things he used to do?

  • There's one thing to do and please tell the other girls about it... it's STOP THINKING A LOT.


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  • He's probably losing interest in the relationship. Of course, it's up to you about whether or not you should continue to pursue it, but it sounds like he's no longer going to put in the time or effort like he used to, which means that you will feel increasingly unwanted. My advice is to end things with him. If he isn't trying anymore, why should you?

    • He still talks to me cute if that makes sense but not as cute as he used to. And it doesn't seem like he's concerned with me being happy as in i told him I was unhappy about this and somewhere along the way I had to make sure he was happy

  • I think you have to accept your lost!