Why do mostly younger women hit on me?

so i just got out of a long term relationship a few months ago.
i have been just kinda doing my own thing going out ever now and then met a few cool people.
hooked up a few times and now im ready to step out and meet someone again.
all i seem to meet is younger women, im 35 and all i seem to get is 23-28 year olds hitting on me.
now dont get me wrong im not really whinning about this... but its been a long time since i hit the dating scene and last time it seemed to be more women my age.
my worry is if i can really get along with a younger woman and not feel like she has daddy issues.
right at this moment i would really like to just have some fun and get a few hook ups under my belt but
it just kinda feels weird to me.


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  • Maybe u look younger than u really are so they think they r hitting on somebody close to the age...
    OR... maybe ur just that attractive older guy that all the youngins want ;)
    It's not a bad thing either way tho. I'd look at is as a positive thing...


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  • Exact opposite for me...