Guys, what's the best way to ask you out?

There is a guy in my class, I don't know if he likes me or not. I'm interested, and he might be. I'm planning on asking him out. What would be the best way and what activity would be the best to do? (Sports game, arcade, etc.) Should I even ask him?

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  • Ask him! Start with just having a casual conversation with him, find something you can compliment him about (maybe he's wearing a tee shirt with a band you like or a sports team you're in to), make a joke about something that happened in class, ask for his opinion on something, ask for help with something (Locker's stuck, backpack won't zip, can't figure out what the assignment is supposed to be, etc.)

    Or just be right to the point and say "Hey, me and a few friends are going bowling this weekend, would you like to come?"

    A group "date" or outing might be an easy way to start building the relationship and give you a safety net in case he's not interested.

    Go for it though, he will probably be flattered and excited that you took the first step! :-)

    You got this!

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