Is she a GOLDdigger already? Help ME and my WALLET?

I asked this girl i like out for a few drinks, And she said "i have to warn you i'm poor lol" is that an indiction that I'll be buying all drinks.

What do you think?
Let me know thanks!

PS:I'm not under 18, I'm 22 made a mistake while making this account with the age dropdown choice.


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  • Yeah I don't see her being the type to decide to treat you to any drinks. Maybe occasionally she'll offer to pay for herself. But probably you'll be doing the bulk of all the buying.

    • Should I back off? so?

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    • Maybe i should see if she makes any attempt to pay after the 2nd drink, if she doesn't even try ill be like mmm you tight bitch lol

    • Ok sounds good

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