Text him or just leave it?

I Met a guy about a month ago. Went on 2 dinner/drinks dates over the course of 2 weeks. Didn't see or talk to each other for a week because I was out of the country. Planned a 3rd date to his beach house (overnight). He planned a fun and seemingly romantic night and showed me around the town we drank wine and ended up making out and fooling around but no sex. We had brunch and hung out the whole next day. He seemed genuinely interested in me and we learned a lot about each other. Afterward, I told him I had a good time and he said he did too and hoped to do it again soon. I hadn't heard from him for the next 4 days and texted him about something I left in his car. He said he was keeping it safe until next time. He was out of town this weekend but I haven't heard from him since the conversation of him keeping it safe until next time. Which was 4 days ago. Is he no longer interested or just busy? Should I wait to hear from him? If I don't hear from him in another few days is it weird to ask for the clothing item I left back?


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  • Text him if you want?