Should I ask him if he's taking me to his semi formal?

He mentioned it the first 3 times we hung out, but last Friday he didn't mention it. its coming up this Saturday, he said he was going to take his ex, because "no one else was going to take her" but he said he'd rather take me. but since he hasn't mentioned it, should I assume I'm not going?


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  • Just flat out ask him if he's taking you still. dont just assume he is/isn't.

    • Okay yeah. I was worried about asking cuz i thought it might drive him away. But he didn't want me to come over to his place the other night cuz he couldn't come to my place cuz I had guests. and his ex lives in the complex next door.. Maybe he didn't want her to see me? Cuz the last time he told me, he said he was going to tell her he's taking me instead

    • Should I ask him even tho he only texts me maybe 3 times a day

    • Yeah. Ask him what's going on.