Why doesn't he block or delete my number if he dislikes me so much?

I did it! but before that, he keeps saving it and when i asked him why, he said why should i? now, if i fought with someone and i dont care for them i simply DELETE their number and block it. I told him i liked him but he kept ignoring me and being rude and mean and leaving me in the cold while wanting attention, he said if i just stop texting then he won't text me anymore, but he keeps seeking attention. What does he want from me? and why play games instead of just saying you like me thats why you won't delete my number? He doesn't want to talk or see me or talk it out he just kept being dismissive and then he accused me of not knowing what i want, it seems like he just want to have some control over me.


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  • I feel like he wants you as a booty call or plan c.

  • How many times you gonna ask this?