Is this a date or just being friendly?

I'm a college fresham and I'm part of my universities Leadership Scoiety. This guy in my leadership training group and I were talking about movies coming up that we wanted to see. This was after our group meeting, some of us went down the school's cafeteria and had dinner. I mentioned that I needed to get tickets to go see the Mockingjay pt. 2, and then he said that, he did too and that we should go together. I was shocked at first, because I've never been asked to go see a movie with a boy alone before, and I replied "sure, that would be fun". We exchanged numbers, so that we could plan what time and when, we would go see it. As I walked away, all I could ask myself was, "is this a date or is he just being friendly?" I don't want to ask, because if it isn t, then it would be really awkward. I do like him, I find him very sweet and cute, and we have shared interests. I wouldn't mind that he doesn't like me in that way, but it does make me hopeful.

*We established a time and date.

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