Taking A Friendship To The Next Level... Telling Them You Like Them As More Than A Friend?

I've known this gal for almost a year but over the last few months we've hung out quite a bit and gotten to know each other on a more intimate level. Over the past month, I've been slowly dropping hints that I like her. Started by leaving her a note on the car when she was at work and having a bad day, bought her a little souvenir when I went on a road trip and just recently gave her a kiss on the forehead which she seem to like judging by her smile and giggle.

I'm still a little hesitant about telling her how I feel. One, because I value our friendship. I enjoy hanging out with her. And two, she has said that she likes another guy but I'm not 100% if she's just saying that to make me make a move on her because I have yet to see her talk or hang out with him when he's in the room. I'd give it a little more time but I don't want to miss my chance with her.

I've never been in this position so I don't know how to approach this. Not too long ago, I would never think about dating a friend, especially one who's as cool as her. But she has changed my mind big time.

How would I tell her? Where? When? Any personal experiences?

Thanks y'all.


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  • Don't wait. It'll make things more complicated. When things are going well between you two, just flat out tell her how you feel.

    • I will tell her. I just don't know how to go about doing it. I've never been in this situation. Everytime I've been interested in someone, we weren't friends. I'd ask them out on dates. With this girl, I'm already friends with her, hang out with her on a regular basis and we've built that friendship.

    • Just say hey I really like you. Will you go out with me. It's as simple as that. There's no secret phrase that will make her totally fall in love with you. just see if she feels the same way. Good luck!

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