Can we make love? Does he have that kinda of feelings when I say I love him?

I proposed a guy who told me he could not marry me due to his family. I never hated him after that. Infact few days back we had a fight, and I texted him today saying that he looks more beautiful when he's angry and that he is a beautiful person. I observed he liked my compliment. Then even said to me while joking during conversation that I must be careful from him as I have not seen a male in him yet. And that he is a beast and very dangerous from inside. (obviously that didn't mean he wants to kill or bite me). Was he getting romantic? I mean like wanted to hug me or kiss me? Kind of foreplay? Does he felt loved from my end and wanted a kinda of intimacy? Does he have feelings for me too? Can we make love?


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  • There is some liking towards you. He was teasing you which is a good sign.