Have any of you used a dating profile rating app or had your dating profile rated by a professional?

Recently back on the market and I was thinking about having my dating profile optimized by a dating coach, but it is expensive... I stumbled upon a few apps doing the same thing such as Sift or Faceoff and wanted to get the community's feedback on whether or not these services work. Any feedback would be much appreciated :)

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  • I messaged a girl who responded with "thanks but no thanks." I then asked her if she could give me some feedback on my profile, tell me her impressions when she read it. She did and it was quite enlightening. I made some changes to my profile based on her comments and shortly thereafter, I met my current girlfriend, who I have now been dating for 5 months.

  • POF used to have a profile review page or forum a while back , don't know if they still do , I remember trying to review some years ago and some were so bad. I tried to offer some help. I guess a review might help if you feel the profile is not working or not going to work for you. any help you get is going to make the process better and might help you find dates

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