Girls, Dating Advice needed?

I'm 16, 6'1" and weigh 245 lbs but look about 200. Whenever I try and get a girl to like me I'm super nice, compliment her, give her my jacket, etc. but I always go straight into the friendzone and never can climb out. This one girl who I've liked for the past month, who literally everytime I see her I say "Hey gorgeous," asked me if I thought one of my friends was flirting BACK at her. I have always been super nice, tease her a little bit, and kind of handsy (hugs, high 5, tazing, etc) and I still have yet to find a girlfriend. Girls seriously do y'all like super nice guys or no? Also can you see a slightly fat kid as attractive because I can freaking bench 190, squat 250, and standing press about 150, so I'm obviously not weak and doughboyish? Please help because I'm f*cking done with being rejected over and over again.

Also two of my buds, brothers, said that a) you can text a girl you're not dating, who you nor her have any romantic bond, and ask to makeout and b) that at this one dance club we have (Wild West) that I could easily get a girl to grind on me or do something like that. Are either of these true?


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  • i have a friend who has told me the same exact thing after i regected him.
    (well not after but a couple days after because he was sad and im not the type of person to just be mean to a person after i regect them)
    but what i told him was:
    I used to be like that too.
    I was clouded by my own desire to love someone and i didn't see that my friends love me too.

    also i know that girls like guys with spiked hair... i find it kind of attractive and i told my friend who was comming to me for advise about this too.

    one last thing i told him was:
    try not to make it too easy to tell that you like her.
    for example i know that if you stare at a girl a lot (now dont do it too often or you might look like a stalker) and she catches your stare... smile at her!
    she will be thinking about it all day... because she won't understand why you did that... and thus you will be on her mind!

    hope this helps!


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  • It seems like you're trying too hard. Some girls know when a guy is desperate and it's a turn-off. Try laying off the compliments so much. It's important to be nice, but being too nice seems like the issue here.

    • So like what do you suggest I say and do, because whenever I don't seem interested in them friendzoned and whenever I do seem interested friendzoned

  • awww! i like super nice guys, u sound like u work hard and would make a great friend, but also a great boyfriend

    • Well here's the thing all the super attractive girls only want to date the super attractive guys never the sort of handsome guys

    • thats because (at least girls around my age) look for models because they r confident that they will make it work. it never does