What shall I do to improve my situation?

Okay folks, question for ya! I am a 24 year old guy with very little experience with women and along with that, yes I am a virgin. And only a couple of dates. I am okay with all that but I still dont understand something. Why is that I dont notice women flirting with me? Like they dont smile at me, I will catch them looking at me sometimes but I dont get hit on when a girl and I would talk. Now, I have been told I have a very confident demeanor. I walk straight up, shoulders back, chest out. Could that be intimidating for women too? I have been worried maybe I was just not good looking enough to get the type of girl I want. And my looks as a preference, a lot ofpeople have told me that I looked like Matt Damon, if that matters lol. Just and average looking dude that likes to workout, dress well, and straight foward with women. If I think she is stunning, I have no problem saying so. I know guys that can get any girl they want, numbers and screw around with any girl. I just dont know what the deal is, not sure why women show no interest. No flirting, not telling me that I am a good looking guy, etc. Is it something I am doing wrong, am I not flirting enough when I talk with women? I would love to know how to be happier while being single while I try to meet the type of girl I want. Would love some advice, thanks!

Also should say that for a major part of my life I have been really shy, and I think that has made me become a late bloomer as well


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  • um the kind of girl you're looking for are 'sluts' and i guess you dont give the 'fuck boy' aura

    but any other normal girl won't go to a guy who looks confident and say 'you're good looking'. these girls are too shy to approach you. so if you wanna talk to them and flirt you have to go up to them yourself

    • Wrong, I am not into that type of girl what so ever, I used people I know as a reference. Cause when they bring that shit up with their success it makes me feel like garbage for being unsuccessful

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