Would you say he's interested or just pulling me along?

So I've been talking to this guy online for the past week. He seems really sweet. I want to be cautious though because I've been played before.

He has already talked about a bunch of stuff we can do in the future. Like cooking together, buying a home together (if things work out) and choosing a song lol. But it's in a totally non-creepy way, if you knwo what I mean. He just seems really relaxed about it. He's been saying he's excited to see me and says he has a good feeling about things.

My last boyfriend (now ex) who I also met online always told me how pretty I was and that I was his 'kryptonite". I recently found out he was seeing other girls at the same times as me even though we were exclusive :(

I want to be very careful because I want a guy who genuinely wants to be with me and isn't just trying to get in my pants. With my ex, we were together 4 months before we had sex. Things went very slowly. So I don't know where I went wrong :(


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  • Your ex was obviously not the greatest guy out there, but not all guys are like that. Take it slow with the new guy you've been talking to, don't rush into the sex part of the relationship right away, and go with your gut... if the guy treats you well and you like him, don't be afraid of a relationship because of the bad experience you had with your ex. It is a little bit strange that this new guy is thinking so far into the future, especially since you haven't met him in person yet. But I'd say go for it, see how the date goes, and if he's not over-the-top crazy, give him a chance :-)

    Good luck!


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